Why "Steel & Velvet"?

When speaking to the Joint Session of Congress in 1959 about Abraham Lincoln, Carl Sandburg said:

"Not often in the story of mankind does a man arrive on earth who is both steel and velvet, who is hard as a rock and soft as a drifting snow, who holds in his heart and mind the paradox of terrible storm and peace unspeakable and perfect." 
It seems that the acts of love, life, and romance are as similar to life as Lincoln's character was as a man of steel and velvet.  The same traits of remaining hard as a rock and soft as a drifting snow is what lovers need to survive whatever comes their way. Hence, our name and the storied songs of love's wins and losses.
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2019 New Year's Eve at the Chateau Crystale in Houston,TX
Meet Steve Beltrán

Steve took piano lessons at an early age, has played professionally since he was 20, and earned his BA in Music in 1981.  Voice was his primary instrument in college.  He's traveled a lot and played in many places, but today he enjoys working from his home studio and playing a variety of gigs around town.  In 2016, he started Heartlight Music with the idea of producing music that promotes fidelity, love, and adventure.  "You and Me" is the first album to fulfill that idea.  Steve is married to his beautiful wife, Loraine, and he has four amazing sons, two wonderful daughter-in-laws, one fabulous step-daughter, and six fun-loving grandkids.

Meet Lana Mann

Lana came to the United States from Russia in 2002, and brought with her a passion for singing and writing music.  After all, she started singing since she was two years old, sitting on her mother's lap.  Obviously, today, she's too old to still be sitting on her mother's lap, but the passion in her for music still keeps her young!  Then, in 2018, she began collaborating with Steve, and their first album, "You and Me", is the result.  Her passion for music is matched by her passion for life, and to share her music with you.

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