My Favorite Romance Novels

(Last updated in August 2014)

I keep a list of my most favorite romance novels/novellas. Things that make this list are books that I know I will want to read again (or, in most cases, have already read more than once).

I hope to review most of these at some point but, for now, a list will have to do.

FYI: Here’s a link to my About page where I explain both my deep love of romance novels and my total ambivalence about the genre.

Historical Favorites

Contemporary Favorites

Each is in alphabetical order by author.


Ashe, Katharine

Bourne, Joanna

Boyd, Heather

Bradford, Isabella

Burrowes, Grace

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Chase, Loretta

Dahl, Victoria

Dare, Tessa

Davis, Miranda

Duran, Meredith

Featherstone, Charlotte

Foley, Gaelen

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Fresina, Jayne

Galen, Shana

Goodger, Jane

Grant, Cecilia

Hoyt, Elizabeth

Hunter, Madeline

Jeffries, Sabrina

Jordan, Sophie

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Kaye, Marguerite

Kleypas, Lisa

Kostova, Teodora

Landon, Laura

LaValle, Leigh

Linden, Caroline

Lindsey, Johanna

Long, Julie Anne

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MacLean, Julianne

Maclean, Sarah

Marlowe, Mia

Medeiros, Teresa

Michaels, Jess

Milan, Courtney

Morgan, Sarah

Nash, Sophia

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Neville, Miranda

Noble, Kate

Quick, Amanda

Quinn, Julia

Ross, Juliana

Samuel, Barbara

Thomas, Sherry

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Andre, Bella

Ashley, Katie

Bell, Christine

Bennett, Sawyer

Burton, Jaci

Calhoun, Anne

Cates, Georgia

Clayton, Alice

Crowley, Rebecca

Dahl, Victoria

Dane, Cameron

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Detand, Zarah

Dryden, Delphine

Erickson, Karen

Grey, Jeanette

Grey, R.S.

Higgins, Kristan

Hunter, Kelly

Johnson, Cat

Kennedy, Sean

Kleypas, Lisa

Knox, Ruthie

Latham, Kat

Lauren, Christina

Maguire, Meg

Mayberry, Sarah

Moon, Kele

Morgan, Tamara

O’Keefe, Molly

Owen, Chris

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Phillips, Susan Elizabeth

Sexton, Marie

Stacey, Shannon

Stein, Charlotte 

Webber, Tammara

Witt, L.A. and Aleksandr Voinov

Young, Samantha

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