My New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is similar to 2014 BUT THIS TIME I’M GOING TO STICK TO IT! I’m going to try to review more of what I read. I read so. many. books. But I almost never take the time to say anything about them. So, this year, I’m going to do better (which is the safest way for me to say this because I’ve set a super low bar in 2014).

Part of my motivation and why I believe this could actually work out is that I’ve started a regular review gig at a new site, Bitter Empire. The goal is to do one review a week there. I even did a “here are some of my favorites from 2014” post. I don’t think I’m very good at writing reviews, or, at least, that kind of writing takes a different kind of effort from the other writing I do and it’s not an effort I’m as familiar with. But once I get going, I find writing one review makes writing the next easier.

My other goal is to do a better job of updating the list I keep of my all-time favorite romance novels. The more I read, the less likely I am to add something to the list (what that says about the first books that made the list, I don’t know). But I do still actively assess whenever I finish a book if there’s a real chance I’ll ever re-read parts or even the entirety of the book, and if I at all believe that could happen, the book goes on the list.

Here’s to a new year. And more reviews. Probably. Hopefully.

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