This is the first book in Andre’s beloved Sullivan series. I’ve read almost all of the series and then the connected series. I find them irresistible even as they often (though not always) take place in a short period of time, the two protagonists falling quickly in love and committing long-term in less time than it takes me to read a Sullivan book and write a review for it (which says as much as it does anything).

Chase, the photographer Sullivan brother, meets Chloe when he rescues her from a ditch where she has crashed her car. And he is smitten! Immediately! He is done with his womanizing ways and Chloe is it! But she has a past that is chasing her and Chase must convince her to trust him as they deal with her troubles together.

Sometimes predictable and comfortable are you want you want in a quick romance read. It’s not revolutionary in its plot and you basically can tell where it’s going long before it gets there. But damn it, Bella Andre, I can’t quit you. As true with Look Of Love as any of your many other Sullivan books.

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