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One of my favorite blogs about romance is “Romance Novels For Feminists.” There’s a part of me that is flat-out jealous that I didn’t think of that site first. But then there’s a much bigger part of me that looks at the quality of Jackie Horne’s work on the site and is just flat-out thankful that she writes about the intersection of feminism and romance so thoughtfully.

Her latest post is about race in romance novels, specifically looking at interracial couples. And it’s worth an entire read. Here’s a snippet:

Is there no room in the genre for romances that gesture toward, or even confront, the difficulties that interracial couples might face in our purportedly post-racial society? Not only from social and institutional prejudices and stereotypes, but also from the different kinds of privilege that those from different races have been, through their own upbringings, taught to expect from life and love? Are there romances out there that draw attention to disparities of privilege, even while they celebrate couples that work to negotiate relationships in spite of them?

She goes on to answer those questions through a close reading of the work of Nina Perez.

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