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Summary of the plot:

Amelia, a former skating champion and now a professional skater in a traveling show, is hired to teach Hollywood heartthrob and lothario, Shane, how to skate for his next movie role. After an initial tense few practices, they find they rather like each other and enter into a relationship. But they both struggle with strained families and old behaviors that threaten their relationship.

My review:

I’ll be honest. I expected this to be a light-hearted sports romance and I was pleased that the woman was an athlete (pretty rare in sports romances). But damn if it didn’t turn and get heavy. VERY heavy. Too heavy. I would even say melodramatic by the point where the two have their falling out (trope alert!).

Definitely not what expected and I can’t say I was thrilled with the direction the book went. It just felt like it was…too much.

Rachel Cross’ website. You can purchase Spiraling here.

[NOTE: I received an advanced reader’s copy of this novel from Crimson Romance]

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