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The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia begin tomorrow. And as athletes and journalists arrive, they are filling up their Instagram and Twitter accounts with images of the, let’s say, less than comfortable accommodations.

Something should come out of this funny but not-really-funny-if-you-have-to-use-these-spaces situation.

And that could be – nay, SHOULD BE a hot romance novel.

The tweet below is by Stephen Whyno (@SWhyno), an NHL reporter for The Canadian Press.

(via this Deadspin article)

The caption he gave it: “One of rooms Canada men’s hockey team will stay in.”

In response to this image, romance novelist Vanessa North (@VanessaNWrites) tweeted, “Is it wrong i just wrote an m/m/m hockey romance in my head?”

Here’s a prompt to get us all started: three best friends on their national team decide to bunk together while in Sochi. The heater breaks. They are forced to push those tiny beds together and cuddle to stay warm.

And now, let your imagination run wild…

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